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View answers to frequently asked questions about booking process of activities and transfers, online payment, e-ticket, refund and more important things to know for your next trip. If your question is not listed, please contact us.


What’s the weather going to be like on my trip date?

A reliable weather forecast for Krabi is almost impossible, especially during the monsoon season. Krabi is located at the coastline of the Andaman Sea, where the weather can change very fast. It can be a fantastic sunny day in Krabi Town, but only a few kilometers away at Railay Beach, it could be heavy rain. The weather right now does not have any bearing on the weather next week, or even tomorrow! Check the weather forecast with Wunderground or Accuweather, but during the monsoon months, only the forecast for the next 2 – 3 days is reliable - long term weather is very difficult to predict.

Should I print the ticket voucher?

We strongly recommend that you print your ticket voucher(s) to present to the guides on the day of the trip. However, we understand that it may not be possible. In these cases, please have your voucher available to view on your phone, with the booking number clearly visible. Usually the guide or driver needs the voucher as a receipt, to confirm that you did the trip.

I'm waiting and waiting but no one has come to pick me up?

If you booked your trip with a pickup service from your hotel, please be patient with the driver. Usually the pickup service is a shared transportation with other customers staying at remote hotels. This can delay the pickup service for a few minutes. If the driver till does not appear within 20 minutes after the agreed point of time at the respective meeting point (usually the hotel reception), please call our emergency number.

What if I need to contact us when I am in Thailand?

Your voucher will contain an emergency phone number which you can call in case of any problems before or during the trip. You can also contact us using the email address


How far in advance should you book a trip?

It is not necessary to book tours and transfers weeks in advance, but it can make you feel more comfortable having reserved your seat. However, during high season (November - April) and on National Thai Holidays, we advise that you book your trip as early as possible as seats sell out fast.

Is there any refund if the trip cannot be run as scheduled?

Due to bad weather or sea conditions the tour may be postponed or cancelled with a full refund. Please consider that the sea can be quite rough, especially in the Monsoon season with high winds and heavy waves. If it is impossible to run the trip as schedules for safety reasons.

Is there a discount for groups or multiple trips?

We will automatically apply a discount of 6% on the total price if you book more than 2 different trips (activities and/or transfers) and if the total price exceeds 5,000 THB. For example, if you book a transfer for 3 people, and you added 3 items with the same route to the shopping cart for 1 person each, the group discount does not apply. You have to add a minimum of 3 unique transfers and/or tours to be eligible for a discount.


How can I pay for my trip?

We offer 2 different methods of online payment, either by credit card (or VISA Debit) through Omise or Paypal, or directly with your PayPal account. We accept several major currencies in addition to Thai Baht – such as USD, EUR etc. If you don’t have a credit card, the least expensive payment method is a money transfer through PayPal, using your personal bank account (you will need to register with PayPal first, which usually takes 4 working days to be set up). We also accept international bank wires in Thai Baht only, please check the transfer fees with your bank first.

Bank: Bangkok Bank 81000 Krabi
Thailand Swift-Code: BKKBTHBK
Receiver: Ropi Ah Sahadsatam
Account-Number: 280-0-935435

Address of receiver:
Ropi Ah Sahadsatam
508 Slingkarn Patana Road
Krabi Yai, Muang Krabi
Krabi 81000

We are a reliable and accredited travel agency registered with the Tourism Autority of Thailand. You can place your trust in the many years of our experience in the travel business in Krabi. If you are still not convinced, please check our reviews on TripAdvisor.

Can I pay cash on arrival?

Yes, you can! Pay easily in our local office in Krabi Town, but we need to receive the payment at least 3 days before the trip starts so there is enough time to make a reservation for your seat with our end-supplier. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay in cash on the day of your trip, the drivers and guides are not allowed to handle cash. If you do not have a credit or debit card, we advise you to set up a PayPal account and use their bank transfer service.

The language in PayPal is in Thai, I can't understand a thing!

You are propably using a public computer in a internet café or hotel where the browser's language is set to Thai. Please change the language through the drop-down menu at the top right, or change the URL manually by entering the values in red:

Another solution is to use a different browser or computer, or you can go first, change the language/country through the menu on the bottom and return to the payment site.

Why I can't pay using my American Express credit card?

You will be able to pay by AMEX only if the currency is set to USD, unfortunately Thai Baht is not accepted. Please let us know if you want to make a payment with American Express so we can send you an invoice where the price is set to USD. Or you could use another credit card such as VISA or MASTER to pay for Thai Baht.

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